Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus

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Christopher Titus

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Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus


"These are stories I couldn't tell, then a bunch of relatives finally died, now they are stories I shouldn't tell." - Titus (Carrying Monsters)

"So many parents act like their kids cured polio, but won't get their kids vaccinated for polio, which is why, once a again, we have polio." - Titus (Carrying Monsters)

“Even though my family hates the new show. It ain't slander if it's true! No politics this time because... tired.” - Titus @TitusNation

Known as one of the most prolific comedians, Titus debuts his 11th special on the back of six Comedy Central specials, Billboard topping comedy albums, and his own hit FOX sitcom. In this frank and thoughtful new show, Titus explores the issues of family, mental illness and even know, the funny stuff! It’s part confessional, part therapy, and all laugh out loud funny. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the Emmy & Writers Guild Award nominated star live!

“Amazingly funny” - Forbes

“TV’s most original comedy voice since Seinfeld” - Newsday

“That show was art” - Bruce Springsteen

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